RSS Feeds

Each blog on Hypotheses produces an RSS feed about its posts.

It is possible to subscribe to this RSS feed and receive updates whenever new content is published. You can use whichever RSS reader (or RSS aggregator) you prefer: you will find a wide choice of tools available online.

The feeds can also be displayed on other blogs (e.g. other Hypotheses blogs) and websites. The content in the feeds displayed on these blogs/sites is automatically updated.

The RSS feed address for each Hypotheses blog follows the following template:


Each category and tag associated with Hypotheses blogs also produces its own RSS feed. These feeds are accessible via URLs following the following template:

  • (for categories)
  • (for tags)

In addition, Hypotheses offers readers general RSS feeds:

It also offers language-specific feeds:

You can also obtain all the RSS feeds for each Hypotheses blog by downloading an OPML file. This feature is mainly useful by libraries and institutions.

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