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Hypotheses offers members of the humanities and social science academic community a platform from which they can directly communicate with a wide readership. The very format of the blog offers opportunities to experiment with new forms of academic writing and new ways of doing science that give pride of place to openness, sharing and collaboration.
The platform hosts different types of individual or collective blogs: researcher blogs, fieldwork blogs, seminar blogs, newsfeed blogs, thesis blogs, popular science blogs, etc.
Opening a blog is free and subject to two main conditions: possessing an academic affiliation and a clearly defined publishing project.

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You will have to fill out an application form that will allow you to present your editorial project to the Hypotheses validation team. The form is divided into several steps and requires a certain amount of time to enter your data. We advise you to prepare it beforehand, using the PDF version of the form, available here:

Application form for Hypotheses (reading version)

Permanent support

Hypotheses is based on the powerful but easy-to-use software that is WordPress. The Hypotheses team provides free training in a variety of languages on how to blog as an academic on WordPress. Editorial and technical support and resources are also available online.
New features are regularly introduced to support the platform’s development and respond to the good practices of academic blogging and bloggers’ needs.

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Our bloggers publish posts in a wide range of languages. Each language community has its own discussion and support tools, as well as its own academic committee. The role of these boards, which are made up of researchers representing the thematic diversity of the humanities and social sciences, is to establish the platform’s strategic priorities for the future.

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Sustained growth

Founded in 2009, Hypotheses now hosts several thousand blogs, produced by a vast community of bloggers from countries the world over. The platform receives over a million visits each month.

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