Academic committee

The Academic committees define Hypotheses main orientations in collaboration with the OpenEdition team. They also take active part in the application process of new blogs.

English-speaking community

Anne Baillot
Full Professor of German Studies, Le Mans Université
Hypotheses blogs: Digital Intellectuals, 140 Caractères and Wikipedia and the Humanities

Annika Rockenberger
Senior Academic Librarian, University of Oslo Library
Hypotheses blogs: Greflinger – Digitale Edition, Digital Textology, NorKorr – Norwegian Correspondences

Danny Millum
Deputy Editor, Reviews in History and Editorial Assistant (Web), University of London

Franziska Heimburger
Senior Lecturer, Paris-Sorbonne
Hypotheses blog: Histoire(s) de 14-18

Guido Koller
Senior Historian, Swiss Federal Archives, Berne
Hypotheses blog: We think History

Lisa Smith
Lecturer in Digital History, University of Essex
Hypotheses blogs: The Recipes Project, EMROC, and The Digital Recipe Books Project

Marin Dacos
Director, Centre for Open Electronic Publishing

Pierre Mounier
Deputy director – International development, Centre for Open Electronic Publishing

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