Author: Dr. Stefan T. Siegel

On (Dis)Agreeing Well in Mythbusting

The line between myth and fact can often be challenging to discern. This ambiguity regularly fuels heated discussion in educational and popular discourses about concepts like direct instruction, power-posing, and emotional intelligence (Siegel, 2024b)....

Personal Knowledge Management is Dead. Long Live PKM!?

PKM is Dead. Long Live PKM!? The Information Age comes with Information Overload. Advanced tools like search engines and (generative) artificial intelligence make accessing information seem effortless, almost trivializing the pursuit of knowledge management. This raises an intriguing question: In such a world, is personal knowledge management (PKM) still relevant?

Don’t Shoot the Education Mythbuster

Why Education Mythbusters Lead a Risky Life In “The researchED Guide to Education Myths,” Fletcher Wood (2019) explains the social difficulties associated with challenging entrenched educational myths: “Letting sleeping myths lie is socially easier...
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