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Pilgrimage to Barda

In 2016, Jesko Schmoller travelled to the village of Barda, in the region of Perm, Russia. There, he followed some inhabitants as they planned a pilgrimage. This article shows some drone footage recorded during that experience.

Dervish Luzha, the Tropoja Mountain’s Ora, 2009, by Gianfranco Bria

This extract summarises the main features of Dervish Luzha’s hagiography. Its author is Nuredin Sadik Lushaj, a scholar of folk traditions from Tropoja (in the north of Albania). The ora mentioned in the title is a figure of northern Albanian mythology, known primarily north of the Drin River.

‘The Barefoot Saint’ of Kujtim Ahmataj, 2008, by Nathalie Clayer

  English Translation I had brought several containers with goods from China and I gave them to a young man called Tani, who worked at the Çams market, to sell them for me. I was in constant contact [with him] for the smooth running of the work. One day I…

The First Tombstone of Ishan ‘Aziz Khwaja, Qizil Qal‘a, Tajikistan (1997), by Stéphane Dudoignon

Latin Transcription Gawhar-i baḥr-i faṣāḥat partaw, aḫtar-i balāġat, ṣāḥib-i iršād-i niyābat yaʿnī ḥażrat-i Īšān ʿAzīz  Ḫwāja ibn-i Mullā Muḥammad-Nabī Ḫwāja wa wālida-yi īšān Bībī Ḥurr al-Nisa bint-i Īšān Sayyid Mīrzā Ḫwāja būda ki ba čand pušt ba ḥażrat-i Sayyid Mīr-i ʿArab wa ḥażrat Zayn al-ʿĀbidīn wa ḥażrat Imām Jaʿfar-i Ṣādiq…
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