Author: pnechita

The Gurdjieff Movement in Soviet and Post-Soviet Russia: Past and Present

Author: Sergey Pakhomov Part 1: Terminology, Chronology, and Early Stages of Development The terms “Gurdjieff Movement” and “Gurdjieffism” are used here in their broadest sense, referring to the entirety of George Gurdjieff’s (1866–1949) ideas and practices as well as to all tendencies, schools, centers, and individuals employing his ideas and…

A Neoliberal Fairytale and its Esoteric Roots: Occultism in the Arts and Cultural Institutions (2019–2021)

Author: Svetlana Tambovtseva The small project I undertook as a contribution to this blog focuses on the last few seasons of the long exhibition year in Russia’s two capitals. Although this time period covers the fall and winter exhibitions prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and continued up to 2021, my…
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