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Liu Shaoqi’s birthplace with its memorial hall in Huaminglou 宁乡县花明楼刘少奇故居和纪念馆

The former residence of Liu Shaoqi 刘少奇 (1898-1969) and its memorial hall is located in the small town Huaminglou 花明楼 in Ningxiang county 宁乡. Both are situated in the south western direction of Changsha 长沙 and 30 km away from Mao’s hometown Shaoshan 韶山 (Official homepage of Liu Shaoqi’s residence).…

The former residence of Peng Dehuai and its memorial hall in Wushifeng 湘潭市湘潭县彭德怀故居和纪念馆

The former residence of the PLA-marshal Peng Dehuai 彭德怀 (1898-1974) and its memorial hall are located in the village Wushifeng 乌石峰 in Xiangtan County 湘潭. The site is situated 38 km away from Mao´s birthplace in Shaoshan 韶山 and 65 km away from the residence of the former PRC-chairman Liu…
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