Author: Luisa Feiersinger

Platemarks and Papermarks. Inquiring the Counterproof’s (Absent) Matrix

Abstract: Platemarks and papermarks can bear witness to the production process of a counterproof. In the example of an 18th-century print series, they allow conjectures on the appreciation of the counterproof’s (absent) matrices. A counterproof is a print of a print. As this involves printing from paper on paper the…

Nature print’s revival?

Abstract: What in retrospect might appear as an astonishing revival of the early modern practice of nature prints in Vienna around 1850, was in fact embedded in a radically new framework of conditions and expectations. The technical procedures included genuinely new networks of cooperating specialists and image-generating causes, and at…

Peach Blossom Colour. From Dyeing to Colour Theory

Was Goethe’s theory of colours permeated by the colour knowledge and terminology of practitioners? In this regard, Goethe’s term Pfirsichblüth or Pfirsichblüthroth reveals a striking connection to the practice of dying.

The Automated Condition. Manifestations and Narratives in Art, Literature and Culture

Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference at the Department of German, Princeton University (May 12-13, 2022) in cooperation with the Center for Cultural Studies, University of Graz.  Deadline: November 15, 2021.  Keynote by Joanna Zylinska, King’s College London. Driverless cars, social credit systems, or Twitter poetry bots: our increasingly technologically optimized and algorithmically…
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