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Be(come) Awake, Alert, Vigilant: The Verb „Ḫarādu“ in the Neo-Assyrian Empire

by Poppy Tushingham This contribution to the blog series “Vigipedia” concerns the Akkadian verb ḫarādu, which may be defined as ‘to be(come) awake’ but also as ‘to be(come) alert, vigilant’, and its derived adjective ḫardu and abstract noun ḫarduttu. At the same time, this entry also aims to encourage people…

When Did You Realize You’re White?

by Catherine Whittaker with contributions from Christiane Brenner, Eveline Dürr, Hannah Michel and Brendan Röder Black Lives Matter protests in San Diego, California, 8/8/2020. Photo: Catherine Whittaker. When was the first time you became aware of your Whiteness? In light of the recent Black Lives Matter protests around the globe,…
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